Two countries in three weeks – on foot across Europe for the protection of human life

The best three weeks of your summer.

Why you should join:

The days between July 30th and August 22nd 2021 will be the best and most adventurous days of your summer and – additionally – the most meaningful.

For three weeks more than hundred young people will walk about 300 kilometers across Europe, to make one shared vision become reality:

A society, in which children are being protected, women are being supported and abortion has become obsolete.

We are convinced that every woman deserves better than an abortion. We believe that it is possible to bring mothers the kind of support they need, and that it is possible to protect preborn children. This is the conviction of all Pro Life Tour participants


To draw attention to this issue, we walk – on foot – through two countries right through Europe. From Munich (Germany) via Salzburg (Austria) to Klagenfurt (Austria). Our society must know that abortion is no solution. We want to make abortion a part of history. We want for nobody in our society to have to think about abortion anymore.

We want abortion to become history.